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Collection: 6 x 9

Select from a wide range of 6x9 rugs. Get your 6x9 rug with free shipping and a bonus gift.

Glam Rugs offer a great selection of 6x9 area rugs for your home. The 6x9 rugs are affordable and they will give your space more character. While our 6x9 area rugs are at affordable prices, they are high-quality rugs. 

At Glam Rugs we focus on quality over quantity, even though we have a wide collection of affordable 6x9 rugs. Our selection of 6x9 rugs includes natural fibers like wool rugs as well as synthetic materials like polyester rugs.

Why buy a 6x9 rug?

The most obvious reason to buy a 6x9 rug is that this size will fit your space.

6x9 rugs are great for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens of similar size. For living rooms and kitchens, more durable 6x9 rugs work best given that these are high-traffic areas in your home. Jute and sisal rugs are made from durable materials. Make sure you get a low-pile construction rug for these rooms. Low-pile 6x9 rugs are easier to clean. If you want a more premium choice, wool is certainly better. If you prefer a more cost effective option, synthetic fiber 6x9 rugs are a good choice for you.

Kitchens can use a 6x9 rug as long as they measure more than 6x9 to allow for several inches of open floor space along the edges of the room.

Since you can have spills on your rug, we recommend you pick an easy-to-clean, inexpensive 6x9 rug. 

Synthetic fiber 6x9 rugs work great in kitchen spaces. 

Low-pile 6x9 rugs are the best choice for your kitchen since they are easy to clean and work best in a high traffic area.

Bedrooms are not an obvious choice for rugs. But area rugs can work well in specific bedroom layouts, especially if you are on a budget. 

High-pile 6x9 rugs and 6x9 shags are perfect for bedrooms given that they are low-traffic spaces. 

6x9 Polypropylene and wool rugs are also good options. They bring extra comfort to your feet.

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