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When should I use a round rug?

Round rugs make an immediate impression. If you want your room to stand out, a round rug will get the attention of your guests. 

Round rugs have more than just a wow factor. Most spaces and rooms are rectangular or square in shape. A round rug would add more fluidity to square and rectangular interiors. If you want to soften a rigid looking interior decor, a round rug will help.

Here are a few specific cases when you should use a round rug in your space.

1. When you want to get the attention

If your goal is to create an impressive interior decor, a round rug will jazz up your space.

It is important to put the round rug in a section of the room you want to be focal.

If you have a piece of furniture you would like to get noticed, put a round rug underneath it. 

2. If you want to make a space look more spacious 

Round rugs do the trick. They make small rooms look bigger. 

If you have a small space that you want to make visually larger, a round rug would be a great choice. 

Just make sure you measure the space so that the rug does not overwhelm it.

For a large room, a 6 foot round rug would work well but measuring your space in advance remains important.

To get the right size, just remember that round rugs are measured by their diameter.

3. If you have curved furniture, walls and other curved design elements

Round rugs add warmth to rectangle spaces and straight lines, which otherwise may look rigid.

Round rugs also pair well with curved elements in your home. 

Whether you have curved furniture, a round room, or a curved design element, a round rug would enhance your decor.

Do you have any round rugs at home? Which room did you choose?

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