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Ways to Style Your Home with a Shag Rug

Shag rugs are plush and soft. They add a ton of warmth, coziness and character to a space. They are great to decorate your home. Shag rugs are perfect for contemporary, modern and bohemian decors. They work for other interior decors as well.

Below we share a few ways you can use a shag rug to style your home.

1. Your Bedroom

The bedroom is not a high traffic area. This makes it perfect for a high-pile, plush rug. You will not have to worry about cleaning the shag rug much because of the less traffic you will get in a bedroom.

A shag rug is good for your bedroom since it gives a ton of comfort and warmth. 

    • You can place it next to your bed side so that your feet get extra cushion every morning.

    • You can place a shag rug underneath or in front of a bench or an ottoman storage.

2. Your Playroom

Shag rugs are great for your kids’ playrooms. 

While they are preferred in low traffic areas because of their high-pile construction, they are not hard to clean. 

    • They add lots of softness, texture and warmth to children’s play nooks.

    • They bring more fun and personality to a playroom.

3. Underneath Your Desk

A plush rug is perfect under your desk. Your feet will get the extra cushion and coziness you deserve. 

Here you can choose a lighter color shag rug since you won’t have much traffic. 

A smaller size of this white shag rug would work great.

4. Extra decoration

You might wonder what we mean by this.

Some interior designers use a shag rug as a decoration piece by layering it on top of accent chairs in a room. 

This little trick adds more character to your space. 

However you decide to use a shag rug, don’t be afraid to be bold with choosing plush, high-pile rugs. They always add texture, volume and character to interior decors.

Have you styled your home with a shag rug? If so, how have you used it to enhance your space?

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