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Top 3 Countries Making the Best Rugs in the World

Rugs are produced all over the world. Only a few countries make the highest quality rugs.

High quality rugs are usually handmade from premium material like wool. 

Real rugs use natural vegetable dyes.

Join us on a virtual trip to the top 3 country producers of the best rugs in the world. 


1. Iran

Iran produces the highest quality rugs in the world. 

Most rugs produced in Iran are known as Persian rugs

They are made from high-quality, premium material like wool. 

These rugs are usually handmade.

Iranians focus on quality over quantity. For some rugs, it takes Iranians up to 6 months to produce them. Imagine the level of detail, intricate pattern and attention put into each rug. 

This is why rugs from Iran tend to be at a pretty steep price. Given the quality and effort put into producing each rug, the cost is an investment into a rug.


2. Pakistan

Pakistani rugs are very high-quality. 

They may not take as long to produce as rugs in Iran. 

The level of detail and beautiful intricate designs remain. 

Rugs made in Pakistan are usually premium material and they are mostly handmade.


3. India

India is well known for rug production. 

Most rugs produced in India are handmade or hand knotted

These rugs usually use premium wool and natural dyes. 

However, India focuses on quality and quantity. Indians produce a huge quantity of rugs and some of them are machine made. Indians outpace Iranians and Pakistanis with the number of rugs they produce. 

All three countries make the highest quality rugs in the world. Iranian rugs top the list with quality rugs. India leads with production speed and number while still preserving quality.

Regardless of where your rug was produced, if it is a handmade rug made from premium material like wool, it is most likely a high-quality rug that is worth the investment.

What is the highest quality rug you have purchased? Where was it made?

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