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Our Top Picks for 13x15 Rugs


In an effort to share our favorite rug choices, below we list our top picks for 13x15 area rugs.


Why buy a 13x15 rug?


Obviously a 13x15 area rug is a good choice if it fits your space while leaving some open floor uncovered.


13x15 rugs are great for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens of larger size. 


For living rooms and kitchens, more durable 13x15 rugs work best given that these are high-traffic areas in your home. Jute and sisal rugs are made from durable materials. 


Make sure you get a low-pile construction rug for these rooms. Low-pile 13x15 rugs are easier to clean. 


If you want a more premium choice, wool is better for you. 


If you prefer a more cost-effective option, synthetic fiber 13x15 rugs are a good option for you.


Kitchens without narrow spaces or an island can use a 13x15 rug as long as they measure more than 13x15. Measuring more would allow for several inches of open floor space along the edges of the room.


Since you can have spills on your rug, we recommend you pick an easy-to-clean, inexpensive 13x15 rug. Synthetic fiber 13x15 rugs work great in kitchen spaces. 


Low-pile 13x15 rugs are the best choice for your kitchen since they are easy to clean and work best in a high traffic area.


Bedrooms are not an obvious choice for rugs. But area rugs can work well in specific bedroom layouts, if you are on a budget.


If you decide to place a rug underneath your bed, and you have a Queen or King size bed, then a 13x15 rug will work well in your bedroom.  


High-pile 13x15 rugs and 13x15 shags are perfect for bedrooms given that they are low-traffic spaces. 


13x15 Polypropylene and wool rugs are good options too. They bring extra comfort to your feet.


Now that you know where a 13x15 rug will fit best in your home (measure twice), below we share our top picks for 13x15 area rugs. They are in no particular order. They are our favorite glam rugs available in size 13x15.


1. United Weavers Clairmont Zawiya Cream Oversize Rug

This United Weavers Clairmont Zawiya rug is timeless and classic. Its cream colors and shades of charcoal grey will bring a subtle tone to your room. 

Subdued elegance comes with this classic design. Along with a designer look and feel, this exquisite rug is durable and stain resistant. It is fitting for any lifestyle needs.


2. United Weavers Clairmont Sidon Grey Oversize Rug


This United Weavers Clairmont Sidon Grey rug features a gorgeous traditional style. A modern distressed look with a smoke grey and ivory white tones will bring an antique feel to your home. This area rug is both exquisite and practical.


Opulent oriental design with a simple approach, this stunning rug will add a touch of class to your home décor. The fashion forward distressed look is accented with cool smoke grey and ivory white to flow beautifully with your existing décor. This gorgeous area rug is meant for durability and stain resistance.  


3. United Weavers Monaco Cache Midnight Blue Area Rug


This United Weavers Monaco Cache Midnight Blue Area Rug is a transitional piece with a cotton backing.


The stunning Cache Midnight Blue rug has a faint design in cream white with a midnight blue as the backdrop. This would be the perfect addition to add in with dark furniture and accent pieces. With a stunning fringe detail on the edges and cotton backing, this rug will be the focal point in your room. 


4. United Weavers Marrakesh Duchess Multi Oversize Rug

If you aim for sophistication and refinement, this luxurious and lavish rug is an excellent choice for your home. Ornate details and harmonious colors make this rug a masterpiece. 

Faded colors of walnut brown and navy blues with a distressed detailed design will add opulence to your room décor. This area rug is machine woven in Turkey with polypropylene yarn for stain resistance and lasting durability. 


5. United Weavers Monaco Moneghetti Garnet Area Rug


This posh floor covering is beautifully styled for a modern look. Color pops of garnet red give this stunning rug extra appeal with some classy color tones of ivory white and denim blue. 

With a stunning fringe detail on the edges and a cotton backing, this rug will be the focal point in your space. 

Which one of these 13x15 area rugs do you like most for your space? How did you choose?

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