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How to Tell If An Oriental Rug is Real

Are you hesitant about buying a rug online? 

This is understandable . Some retailers are not transparent. 

We disclose all product information shared from our rug makers and vendors. 

We provide detailed descriptions of each rug to educate buyers.

This is why we share rug buying tips for buyers like you to make informed decisions.

Most consumers like you want to understand how rugs are made. 

You want to know if a rug is machine-made or hand-made

You probably care about the material and construction used. 

You want to know details on color and pattern. 

If you spend your money on a rug, you deserve to know all this information. 

If you want a synthetic rug because you are on a budget or you need something temporary, that is okay. 

If you prefer a long-term investment and you have the budget for it, that’s great. 

If you are looking for a wool rug because you can afford one, it is all fair. 

We do not believe in shaming you as a customer for buying a machine-made rug over a hand-made rug because you might be cost conscious. 

What we believe in is providing the information you deserve to make your own decision whatever it is. That’s it. Simple as that.

A lot of rug buyers care about buying premium rugs, usually hand-made rugs made of wool.

If that is you, below we want to share a few tips to help you tell the difference between a real oriental rug and an oriental rug that is machine-made.

1. Check the Rug Back

Feel the back of a rug or check the rug back description online. 

    • Real oriental rugs are hand knotted and their backs are soft. 

    • If the back of a rug is hard plastic, then it is machine-made rather than hand knotted.

2. Find More About the Rug Colors

    • Hand-made oriental rugs have colors that come from natural vegetable dyes. 

    • If your rug colors bleed, then the rug is not a real oriental rug.

3. Examine the Rug Fringe

    • If the rug fringe is sewn or glued, then the oriental rug is not real.

We trust you will use these simple tips to find the right oriental rug for you online. 

Whether you are a buyer who wants a real oriental rug or one who is okay with a machine-made oriental rug for cost savings, you deserve all the information to make a decision that is right for you and your home. No judgement necessary. 

Have you purchased an oriental rug online? Were you happy with your purchase?

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