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5 Areas in Your Home That Will Benefit from a Runner Rug

Runner rugs look elegant because of their long, narrow size. Beyond their beautiful look, they are also practical. They provide more comfort to your feet on hard floors. They fit in narrow spaces where larger rugs would not work. They add more warmth to your interior decor. Here are 5 areas in your home that will benefit from a runner rug.

1. Entryway/Hallway

Entryways and hallways are high traffic areas. Durable rugs work best for them. 

    • Jute and sisal runner rugs are made from durable materials. They are great choices for your entryway.

    • If you want a more premium choice, wool is better. However, it could be pricey.

    • A more cost effective option are synthetic fiber rugs. They are made from nylon, polyester, and olefin. 

Make sure you get a low-pile construction runner for your entryway/hallway. They are easier to clean.

2. Kitchen

Kitchens with narrow spaces or an island can use a runner rug.

Since you can have spills on your rug, pick an easy-to-clean, inexpensive runner. 

Synthetic fiber runners work great in kitchen spaces. 

Low-pile runner rugs are the best choice for your kitchen since they are easy to clean and work best in a high traffic area.

3. Bedroom

Bedrooms are not an obvious choice for a runner rug. But runners can work well in specific bedroom layouts, especially if you are on a budget.

    • For cost effective rug options in your bedroom, you can place a runner rug along each side of your bed. 

If you have nightstands, you can place the runners slightly underneath the front parts of the nightstands for a visually more appealing look. 

Make sure you align the runner rug end with the bed end - if the runner is shorter or longer than your bed, this will make for an awkward look.  

    • You can also place a runner rug along the width of your bed if you have a bench in front of it.

4. Stairs

Stairs are great for stair runners. They come in various sizes and widths but you might have to get a custom size depending on the length and width of your stairs. 

Remember the stair rod bars to avoid tripping.

5. Narrow spaces

If you have narrow spaces in your home that need warmth and cushion for your feet, a runner rug will be a good option. 

These are the main ways to use a runner rug in your home but you are not limited to the above suggestions.

Where have you used a runner rug in your home? Any creative ideas we did not mention above? We’d love to hear from you.

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