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5 Addison Rugs That Will Turn into a Centerpiece in Your Space

Addison Rugs offer an extensive line of area rugs. They feature an exceptional variety of textures, colors and styles to meet your needs.


From oriental rugs to modern rugs as well as borealis rugs, these area rugs are true pieces of artistic expression and will bring a serious glam to your home.


It all began in 1979, when Bill and Judy Adams saw a need for beautiful rugs at an affordable price. This vision began in their garage in 1979 and has endured through 4 generations up to this day. They are committed to offering expertly-crafted, fashion-forward rugs that are affordable and of great value.


If you are looking for an Addison Rug made of wool, the Dazzle collection is an excellent choice.


For abstract or distressed patterns, the Addison Rugs Dayton Collection offers a great selection for you.


Addison Rugs Plano Collection has modern and mid-century modern style rugs.


For those of you who love vintage hand tufted area rugs, the Addison Rugs Harlow Collection is perfect.


The Addison Rugs Cooper Collection is a solid choice for solid color rugs (all pun intended).


If you prefer area rugs with traditional Heriz and Tabriz designs, the Addison Avignon Collection offers beautifully crafted rugs.

For those of you who love the extra cushion for your feet with high-pile shag rugs, the Addison Alpha Collection, the Addison Aurora Collection as well as the Addison Borealis Collection offer thicker plush yarns with unbelievable softness.


Homes with modern interior decor can benefit from the Addison Grayson Collection, which offers a variety of rugs from traditional transitions to contemporary abstracts.


The Addison Platinum Collection has a similar selection of transitional, contemporary area rugs with artistic, abstract patterns.


These are just some of the collections that Addison Rugs offer.

Below we hand-pick 5 Addison Rugs for you to check out. They are in no particular order.


1. Addison Dazzle Modern Hand Spun Peacock Wool and Metallic Area Rug

This Addison Dazzle Modern Hand Spun Peacock Wool and Metallic Area Rug will bring some sparkle and glam to your home. 

Hand tufted with 100% wool and a cotton canvas, this solid striped rug is high quality at an affordable price. 

Its bright blue color will go great with accents of teal and metallic silver. Perfect for indoor use, this transitional rug is both soft and sturdy and super easy to maintain. 

Addison Dazzle Collection will bring attention to any space. Blend of cut – loop hand spun wool and shimmering accent yarns. 

Areas of zero pile expose the metallic canvas for added glitz and drama. Choose from one of 12 glamorous colors in multiple sizes. High quality, long wearability, this area rug is perfect for families and pet owners. 


2. Addison Grayson Plush Earth Abstract Area Rug

This Addison Grayson Plush Earth Area Rug is a modern abstract rug made of polypropylene and polyester. 

It is a super soft area rug, great for children and four-legged friends. This Addison rug from the Grayson collection is a perfect choice for contemporary homes. 

Addison Rugs Grayson Collection features a high-low textured plush pile construction. 

The bi-level combination of polypropylene with polyester yarns and cotton backing make this an extremely soft yet durable rug. 

Available in multiple styles from traditional transitions to contemporary abstracts, these value driven rugs are great for modern casual spaces. 

The Grayson rugs are very family and pet friendly. You can choose from 12 design and color combinations all available in 6 size options. This beautiful rug is power woven in Egypt.


3. Addison Borealis Abstract Chevron Shag Blue Area Rug

This artistic Borealis Abstract Chevron Shag Blue Area Rug is another customer favorite.

Sink your bare feet into Addison Borealis area rugs. This collection offers a luxurious shag with abstract designs and modern color blends. 

This two-inch plush rug adds sophistication to any space without sacrificing comfort or durability. A family and pet friendly shag rug with easy care. 


4. Addison Plano Abstract Stripes Blue Area Rug

This Addison Plano Abstract Stripes Blue area rug is an excellent choice for contemporary interior decors. 

Addison Plano collection brings out your modern bohemian. 

Exceptional quality and plush soft hand construction lends immediate comfort to any room craving richness and warmth. 

These power-woven rugs are suitable for all family members and pets. 


5. Addison Kensington Red Non-Skid Persian Area Rug

This Kensington Red Persian area rug combines classic and bold vibes in an elegant way. Excellent choice for interior decor fans and newbies. Whichever one you are, you can get it at almost half off its original price. 

Kensington is a rich collection of traditional, Bohemian, oriental rugs that bring both a classic as well as a glam look to any space. Rich colors and intricate designs will bring a wow effect to your home.

Which of these Addison Rugs do you like most? What room in your home would you place the rug in?

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