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4 Easy Steps to Choose the Right Dining Room Rug

Are you hesitant about getting a rug for your dining room? There are a few good reasons to get one. 

A rug in your dining room will help reduce noise from sliding chairs in and out of your dining room table.

A rug will also define the dining room area.

A rug will also add more warmth and character to your dining room. As a place where you gather with family and entertain friends, you don’t want to leave it bleak and unwelcoming.

If you are unsure how to pick the right dining room rug, here are 4 easy steps to make that choice stress-free.

1. Material/Construction

Given that your dining room is a high traffic area, the best rugs for your dining room would be low-pile made of synthetic materials. 

These materials combined with the low-pile construction make the rug much easier to clean, especially when dining accidents happen.

2. Size

Choosing the right dining room rug size should not be a challenge.

Think of it this way - you want the rug size to be visually appealing as well as safe when sliding chairs in and out of the table.

A dining room rug that is too big will make your dining room look small. It will overwhelm the space.

If you pick a dining room rug that is too small, then you risk not fitting your dining room chairs within the rug. A smaller rug might also cause tripping over the rug edges every time you slide the chairs in and out of the table.

You want to pick a size that allows you to fit the dining room table as well as the chairs within the rug contours. 

The rule is to have around 24-30 extra inches extend from the edge of your dining room table to the edge of the rug.

3. Shape

Use this easy rule - your dining room rug shape should match the shape of your dining room table.

Most dining room tables are rectangle and you should get a rectangle dining room rug following the size recommendations shared above.

If you have a round dining room table, then getting a round dining room rug would be fitting. 

You can follow the same size recommendations for round dining room rugs. 

Just remember that round rugs are measured by their diameter and you’d want the extra 24-30 inches to extend from the edge of your round dining room table to the edge of the rug.

4. Colors

To ground your space and bring it all together, choose complementary colors to your interior decor. Here are some additional tips on colors and patterns:

  • When choosing a color for your rug, match it to a secondary color for your dining room decor. Avoid the same main color. You don’t want to make everything in your dining room too matchy. The goal for your dining room rug is to complement the room and complete the look. If your dining room is in neutral colors, then your dining room rug should bring a pop of color.
  • For furniture and walls with patterns, choose a dining room rug without patterns. A solid rug with neutral colors would be a good way to bring some balance. 
  • For neutral walls and furniture with no patterns, a rug with patterns would be more fitting for your dining room.  

Now that you have these 4 easy steps, you can choose the right dining room rug without making a random selection.

What colors does your dining room rug feature? How about the style and shape?

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